Bounty Hunter EP

by Andromulus

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Cowmaster627 A reinvention but still great music that continues to blow me away. Favorite track: Over It.
Brandon A.
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Brandon A. Fans have been waiting since Alex dropped his Life As We Know It EP back in 2013, and he surely doesn't disappoint with this year's Bounty Hunter EP. This EP takes trap, dubstep, and funk to a whole new level. Definitely worth $1. Favorite track: Bounty Hunter (feat. Alireza).
Ax:l///DEER VIOLENCE thumbnail
Ax:l///DEER VIOLENCE pretty great man Favorite track: Dominions.
Songhacker thumbnail
Songhacker Though it's been some time since this drop and I've seen nary a peep from him since, Andromulus still helped make my 2015 spectacular with his long-awaited sophomore EP, another smart and sophisticated EDM genre blend-up that continues to showcase just how talented (leagues beyond many of his original peers) the man really is. Here's hoping for a full album someday... Favorite track: Get Dandy.
Bryan Surprenant
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Bryan Surprenant I've been following this guy for years now, love where he's been, but not as much as where he's going. Favorite track: Get Dandy.
Hailey Grace
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Hailey Grace Alex is always willing to try something new, which I greatly admire. This EP is very unique, and he wasn't afraid to take his time to make sure that it was a quality release. I'm glad the wait is over, but this was worth two years of a tease. I can't wait to see where Andromulus goes next. Favorite track: Bounty Hunter (feat. Alireza).
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released May 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Andromulus Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Over It
Patience is a virtue. Sorry if I hurt you,
but this time I'm not waiting around.

Who will admire you when the fire inside of you,
is buried 6 feet under ground?

Carpe diem. I call em like I see em.
I'm done with this waiting game.

Good things come to those who chase them
and they will know my name.
Track Name: Dominions
My firepower keep me warm, I'm trapped in the storm!
Track Name: Bounty Hunter (feat. Alireza)
I'm a big shot homie, shows vicious in my prime.
Venus spores to these whores, ill show you the price of crime.
Avoid the causualties, so we gotta cashout at the right cents
my ink will cause a sunrise like I'm Funimation licensed.
Born on Mars but my lines resemble some bedstuy.
Comin for necks til heads fly flow on red eye.
A bullet for valentines if debts high.
Cowboy playin bebop til the ones who should be dead die!

Got ur hands in the air put your click up click up
Boba Fett in the jet its a stick up stick up
let the whole crowd hear how a youngin gettin bread
like a space cowboy imma ride til im dead.

Slave to the grind rap student with the masters
race to the top faster. Paul walker to these bastards
Sam-O the swords sharp like we fencin with fencers
screw a mention its a lynchin the rope from Spencer's.
Let it be known I'm judicial as underage instrumentals
raped violently in my mental reading yours like broken Kindles.
Currency's seen the crypt protect division like an eye guard
slave to the script
Why cry God if I'mma die hard?
mistake us manish, the kids a messuse feel us
cuz i'd rather go Bruce Willis than let the noose kill us
Monarch with the malarchy
thirsy thots parched as parseley
Broke hoes smartly plan cuz
Theyve slept with beatles paul mccartney
Accented lacs tinted ridin low as gas spent its
jada fire, dont spit it, hacks get it acts hinted
swallow the myths. Like kids see the toothfairey cuz the truth scary
If the price is right then I paint a site. Horror flicks and i Drew Carey.